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​Bill Nye will host EDC Las Vegas' 2019 opening ceremony

Bill Nye 'the Science Guy' is bringing 'kineticENERGY' to Electric Daisy Carnival

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 1 March 2019
​Bill Nye will host EDC Las Vegas' 2019 opening ceremony

The opening ceremony for EDC Las Vegas' 2019 edition will be hosted by none other than Bill Nye, The Science Guy!

Bill Nye is the first name to be announced for this year's edition of the Electric Daisy Carnaval - set to take place between May 17 - 19.

Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella and the famous TV icon have joined forces to create the theme for this year's edition of the festival, kineticENERGY.

"Think of the potential,” exclaimed Bill Nye in a statement. “Hundreds of thousands of people moving their bodies, freeing their minds, and dancing to music under the glow of spectacular light. We'll convert all this potential to a carnival of kinetic energy!”

Check out the Insomniac video for EDC Las Vegas' theme reveal below.

Do yourself a favor and revisit Bill Nye the Science Guy's grooving theme song from his hit Disney channel show from the '90s here.

[via: Forbes]

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