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Arca announces another new album, 'KicK iii'

The third instalment of Arca's KicK anthology will be released on the same day as 'KicK ii'

  • Aneesa Ahmed | Art: Frederick Heyman
  • 10 November 2021
Arca announces another new album, 'KicK iii'

'KicK iii,' Arca's third album in the 'KicK' record anthology, has been announced.

XL Recordings will release 'KicK iii' on December 3, the same day as the previously announced 'KicK ii'.

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'Incendio,' a current hit by the Venezuelan musician residing in Barcelona, is featured on her sixth album. The album's first single, 'Electra Rex,' was released yesterday (November 9), and it comes with a music video produced by Carlota Guerrero.

In a statement on 'KicK iii' and 'Electra Rex', Arca explains:

"For me KicK iii is the most incendiary entry in the kick universe. The album is a portal directly into the more manic, violently euphoric and aggressively psychedelic sound palettes in the series.

"Electra Rex is a new archetype I propose in reference to commonly understood ideas of Freud regarding the oedipal complex- Oedipus Rex kills the father and unknowingly making love to the mother. Electra complex posits the binary opposite: killing the mother and unknowingly making love to the father.

"And so I am the first to propose a nonbinary psychosexual narrative to avoid falling into the same generational tragic blind spots. Electra Rex, a merging of both names, an integration of both Oedipus Rex and Electra: Electra Rex it kills both parents and has sex with itself, and chooses to live. "

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In an Instagram post, Arca said: "my albums 'KicK ii' and then 'KicK iii' are coming! she made the mutants wait so now she’s gonna feed you right."

Arca released 'Prada/Rakata' last week, which is described as "the coalescence of KicK via a music visual, a continuation of her work with artist Frederik Heyman that introduces an ambitious act of musical world-building that reveals Arca's many identities as an artist in a quantum superstate," according to press materials.

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The work isn't included in the album's digital edition.

The artwork for the project is by Frederik Heyman.

‘KicK iii’ tracklist:

01. ‘Bruja’
02. ‘Incendio’
03. ‘Morbo’
04. ‘Fiera’
05. ‘Skullqueen’
06. ‘Electra Rex’
07. ‘Ripples’
08. ‘Rubberneck’
09. ‘Señorita’
10. ‘My 2’
11. ‘Intimate Flesh’
12. ‘Joya’

Pre-order/pre-save ‘KicK iii’ here.

Watch the 'Electra Rex' music video below.

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