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This is how much it costs to spend a week in Ibiza in 2019

The prices probably aren’t as outrageous as you feared

  • Interview: Johnny Lee | Illustrations: Lawrence Abbott
  • 17 October 2018

Last summer, Emily, 23, from Leeds, spent just over a grand on the White Isle in one week. Her holiday costs included flights from the UK to Ibiza, accommodation, beer, cocktails, club tickets, as well as a little shopping spree in Ibiza Town. This season, it's time for Ibiza veteran of six summers, Rich, 27, from Northampton, to cost up his annual getaway to the world's summer party capital.

Ibiza Cost 1

Petrol: £10 - My ex-girlfriend gives me and my mate a lift from Northampton to Luton Airport. We give her £10 each for petrol, which saves us a few quid on taxi expenses. It's also much cheaper than leaving my car at the airport.

Airport booze and food: £15 - I don't usually spend much at the airport, but our flight is delayed for three hours, so I grab a pint of Guinness for £5 as soon as we get through security. Airport Guinness always tastes amazing - maybe it's a psychological thing? Later we grab a table at Frankie and Benny's and I order their New York BBQ Chicken for £10.

Air travel: £120 - easyJet from Luton to Ibiza. I booked my flight back in April. No allocated seat. No priority. No bags. Just get me to Ibiza on time. Which easyJet fail to do. We finally land on the White Isle at 1:30am, which means no Eric Prydz at Hï. I'll be claiming my money back from easyJet as the delay was over two hours.

Taxi: €17 - Worse still, the flight delay means we've missed the last airport bus to San Antonio. Instead, we grab a taxi. Another kick in the nuts to the tune of €35, which my good buddy and I split down the middle.

Accommodation: £650 - We're staying at a new themed place called Cubanito Ibiza Suites near Cala Gracio beach on the edge of San Antonio. It's a bit more expensive than the hotels I stayed at in previous seasons, but this year I've been promoted and have more cash to play with. The check-in is straightforward and our room is sound. We toss our shizz on the floor and fall asleep.

Tuesday total: £760.00

Ibiza Cost 2

Food: €15 - We wake up and take a walk into town, stopping at a beach bar called Tulp on the promenade. Their meal deal seems like good value. I go for chicken wings for starter, some kind of breaded ham for main and ice cream for dessert. Plus a shot and a small beer, all for €15. Great value.

Booze: €9 - Later in the day we sit on the rocks near Café del Mar to watch the sunset, along with three cans of Gordons Gin & Tonic, purchased from a convenience store on the sunset strip.

Booze: €15 - More drinks in the old town at a Spanish cocktail bar called Babel. All the cocktails here are reasonably priced and the measures are huge. I have a mojito followed by a gin, both of which are €7.50.

Food and Booze: €4 - I grab two big bottles of full sugar Coca Cola and a bag of ice from Eroski. Then we head over to see a mate who lives and works on the island. We sit up all night on his terrace caning pizza and Jack Daniels mixed with the Coca Cola and ice we bought earlier. We consider going to a club, but it's now 4am and by the time we get to DC-10 it will be shut.

Wednesday total: £40

Ibiza Cost 3

Food: €5 - Our hotel has a fridge, so we buy milk and a box of Special K cereal and have breakfast in the room.

Food: €3 - For lunch, we stumble upon a little local café called Cerveceria Urban. This is where the locals hang and we understand why. Half a pint costs a euro and we share a tuna baguette for €2 each.

Party ticket: €125 - Rudimental & Friends at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. My mate wants to go to a daytime event, so we decide to hit Ibiza Rocks, where we supersize to VIP. For €250 we get a balcony table overlooking the DJ booth and €250 worth of food and booze from the VIP menu. Considering the standard ticket price is €35, the deal represents excellent value and like the party the service is spot on.

Food: €12 - Partying all day in the sun is hard work. By 10pm we need more food. And plenty of it. Next-door to Ibiza Rocks Hotel we stumble into a great little bar called Ziggy's, where we stop to order Hot and Spicy pizza. Four huge slices set me back me €12.

Travel: €3.50 - Discobus from San Antonio to Amnesia.

Party ticket: €40 - Time to meet up with the rest of the gang at Do Not Sleep at Amnesia. I've been a massive fan of this party since it started in the Vista Club.

Tonight, Rodriguez Jr. plays early doors, before Darius Syrossian takes over the Main Room at peak time. Highly recommended.

Booze: €11 - Bought a beer at Amnesia when we arrived, then got on it - the dancefloor, obviously.

Travel: €4.50 - Shared an €18 taxi from Amnesia to San Antonio between four of us.

Thursday total: £200

Ibiza Cost 4

Food: €5 - We wake up in the mid afternoon. There's plenty of cereal left in the room, but we're not feeling the Special K, so we head into town, back to Cerveceria Urban for some locally priced meat and no fuss. I order two homemade cheeseburgers for €3 each. My buddy wants to talk, but I want none of his anxious jabber. So I order a half pint of beer for €1 and turn away to smoke menthol slims in peace.

Travel: €2 - After a siesta it's time to trial another superclub party - Labyrinth at Pacha. The number 3 bus is our chosen method of transport.

Party ticket: €35 - I'm interested to check out the new décor and soundsystem at Pacha, but to be fair Hot Since 82 absolutely steals the show. We all love his set - proper driving deep house and tech.

Booze: €36 - A Gin & Tonic from the upstairs terrace bar costs €18. Later in the night I order a Long Island Ice Tea from the cocktail bar above the DJ booth for €20. It's expensive, but this is Pacha and having a good drink in my hand feels essential to my existence.

Travel: €3.50 - Discobus from Pacha to San Antonio.

Friday total: £75

Ibiza Cost 5

Food: €10 - We wake in the mid-afternoon and once again shun the Special K. Instead we stop into a nearby supermarket called Suma to pick up some ham, cheese, crisps, bread, peanuts and aioli. Then we haul the lot back to the hotel, picnic in the room and spend the rest of the day and evening sunbathing beside the pool.

Saturday total: £8.50

Ibiza Cost 6

Food: We rouse early for once and get stuck into our Special K and milk. There's no cost here as we paid for it last week.

Food and booze: €40 - The whole gang meet at Cala Gracioneta for a beach day. I'm feeling a little fat after all the booze and carb laden food I've been eating, so today is all about getting back on track. At El Chiringuito, the little beach bar at the top of the sand, I buy a coconut for €8, followed by some kind of real fruit ice lolly for €4. Later in the afternoon we all sit down for lunch. Burger and chips is the cheapest thing on the menu for €25, but I opt for the Salmon Salad Bowl at €28 with a view to relocating my abs.

Travel: €6 - Taxi from San Antonio to Cova Santa for €24, the cost shared between four.

Party ticket: €30 - WooMooN at Cova Santa. Sundays in Ibiza are rammed with top parties, but we choose WooMooN because you get both a daytime and the afterdark experience. The music is desert-style house and techno, the vibe similar to a small festival. UNER and Chaim are the headliners. The Ibiza newbies in our group say they've never seen anything quite like Cova Santa.

Booze: €47 - Buying drinks at Cova Santa is a bit of a mission. There are loads of little bars, but you can't pay with cash at all of them. I buy a mojito for €12 from one of the outside bars, a gin & tonic for €15 from one of the inside bars and another cocktail using tickets for €20. But be wary of the ticket system. I'm pretty sure I paid €10 for each of my tickets, while a friend only paid €6 for hers.

Travel: €6 - Taxi from Cova Santa to San Antonio for €24, the cost shared between four.

Food: €3 - We stop in central San Antonio to grab some food. I order a slice of margherita from Papizza for €3. I would have eaten more, but it tasted of nothing. I don't think I've ever eaten anything quite so bland!

Sunday total: £125

Ibiza Cost 7

Food: I wake up feeling hungry, so I finish off the Special K and then fall back to sleep. When we wake up later in the afternoon we finish off the rest of the crisps and peanuts left over from a few days ago.

Booze: €12 - We head down to the Cubanito pool for a Pina Colada.

Food: €12 - We mull over the idea of leaving the hotel, but after a while we decide against it and I order a bowl of Nachos & Guacamole.

Booze: €12 - And another Pina Colada.

Monday total: £30

Ibiza Cost 8

Food and booze: €34.50 - We have to vacate our room at 11am, but our flight isn't until 9pm. After a final swim at the hotel, we head into town with our suitcases and grab a booth at Ibiza Rocks Bar. I order a Chicken Pitta for €12.50 and a beer for €5.

Then another beer and finally a Barbecue Burger for €8.50 with a side serving of Sweet Potato Fries for €3.50. We all agree that the food at Ibiza Rocks Bar is easily the best food of the holiday.

Travel: €4 - Bus from San Antonio to the airport.

Airport: €2 - Bottle of water in the departure lounge.

Travel: £120 - easyJet from Ibiza to Luton. Once again, no allocated seat. No priority. No bags. Just get me to Luton on time. Which, once again, easyJet fail to do. But at least this time it the delay is only an hour.

Petrol: £10 - My ex-girlfriend picks us up from the airport. A tenner each is enough to persuade her to drive us back home to the grey horrors of the Northamptonshire suburbs.

Tuesday total: £165

In Summary: Ibiza gets a lot of stick for being so expensive, but for the most part it's no pricier than London. And you get the sunshine and the beach for free. We definitely noticed the service was much better this year, from the door staff at the clubs to the people working the bars. The only time I genuinely felt ripped off was eating that tasteless slice of margherita from Papizza! As long as the prices don't increase and the service keeps improving towards UK levels, I will definitely be going back to Ibiza next summer.

Total: £1378.50

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