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Object blue deconstructs her style

Rinse resident object blue talks fashion

  • Interview: Sean Griffiths | Photography: SHERELLE THOMAS
  • 27 February 2019

I’m wearing a vintage Balenciaga dress which I’m very proud of. I bought it recently on Stoke Newington Church St. If I pass a designer consignment shop I always go in, even if I have no money – I love clothes, and I like looking. It’s similar to record shops: I alway go in and look around. I got this for £150; it was around £700 originally.

I bought the dress specifically to wear with my crotch-high Maison Margiela boots which I got from Japanese eBay when I was 18. I’ve only started wearing them now – nearly ten years later – because they’re so precious to me.

When I was about three or four my mom would dress me as a princess. In photos from my school days the other kids are in jeans and T-shirts and I’m in a fluffy dress with a bow on my head!

My most recent tattoo is by a Devon artist called Ella Bell; I do a lot of research into the tattooist before each one. I’m half Japanese and half Chinese and I’d struggle to get a job in Japan with visible tattoos – they’re taboo there.

I bought this orange Fila jacket on eBay when I was 20. In winter, it’s easy to get lost wearing black and navy coats. It’s too big, but so comforting. I missed a flight to Berlin once and had to get a coach, and it was my pillow and duvet for 22 hours.

I was inspired to buy the Fila coat by ‘Post’-era Björk, when she wore lots of orange and pink. She’s the only person who’s really influenced my fashion choices. I loved what she wore in the ‘Vespertine’ era – like a pink leather vest with black chiffon sleeves, a mini, and tall Margiela Tabi boots covered in paint.

I love beautiful, feminine clothes – I’d wear Valentino every day if I could – mixed with a less feminine element, like a masculine perfume with a really feminine dress.

I used to wear my mom’s riding boots a lot when I was younger which is probably where my interest in knee- and crotch-high boots comes from. Neither of us ride horses but I like clothes that look like they’re made for a purpose.

I have about eight tattoos and got my first one when I was 21. I’d wanted one since I was 13 and had a folder of tattoo pics on the desktop of my parents computer. My first one was a quote by [American conceptual artist] Jenny Holzer: ‘Don’t allow the lucid moment to dissolve’. It really struck a chord with me. She projected it onto Niagara Falls.

I really love turtlenecks and wear them all the time. I bought this one in a thrift store in North Carolina when I was studying there.

I’ve got an early Margiela men's necklace which is like barbed wire hanging on a chain. It’s my most treasured possession, and I wear it every week. I was on a school trip to the Hague in Holland and saw it in a shop window for €180. I couldn’t afford it but I went to look at it every day, and the last day I was there they had a sale and reduced it to €50 so I bought it!

Recently I got so sick of minimalism – you see it in everything now. I was like, ‘I want a full-length lace gown and I want my dress to drag on the floor. I want embroidery!’ That’s what I’m into now.

Object Blue plays Re-Textured Festival at London’s Village Underground on March 30

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