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This issue is a very special celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the 'Summer of Love' - that period in 1988/89 when the club culture that a few individuals had imported from the dancefloors of Ibiza spread like wildfire to the clubs, warehouses and fields of the UK and beyond, radiating outwards in an unstoppable supernova of love and creativity that changed fashion, design, clubbing, music and indeed the world, forever.

In this issue, archive photography and journalism from the era sit side-by-side with those clubs, festivals, artists and parties that carry that flame to this day, a specially commissioned fashion shoot features the brands and young designers who are most directly influenced by the starburst of freedom that the Summer Of Love ignited, and Bill Brewster’s cover feature explores how its legacy continues to affect and inspire us even now.

There's also an astonishing Summer Of Love cover mix from Boy's Own Farley & Heller that will have you partying like it's 1989.

The issue also features a guide to every dance music festival on the planet in Summer 2018 - as well as profiles of this year's unmissable festival artists including Mist, Jon Hopkins, La Fleur and DJ Earl & Nick Hook.

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