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This month's cover story explores how Black Coffee and a wave of South African DJs and artists are turning the country into a house music superpower. 'Africa is Not A Jungle' is the name of the concept, which Nathi (BC) describes as "about independence and having our own voice... taking control of our own destiny."

Elsewhere in the magazine, Paranoid London talk banging acid house in their first ever interview, Metronomy's Joe Mount and Roísín Murphy interview each other, we meet the dance music activists fighting for freedom in Georgia and have reports from global club culture - from Ecuador's techno scene to a festival on Korea's DMZ.

In DJ history, we talk to Eric Kupper, the Frankie Knuckles collaborator who is keeping the house greats legacy alive, and also discover why NYC in 1984 was the time and place that dance music culture was truly born. Enjoy!

Duncan Dick,


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