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The Warp XXX Mixmag takeover celebrates 30 years of electronic music's most innovative record label with four magazine covers dedicated to Warp artists Aphex Twin, Yves Tumor, Kelela and Flying Lotus. The covers were designed in collaboration with graphic designer Michael Oswell and multidisciplinary digital artist Ezra Miller.

We asked Michael to try to combine the stunning aesthetic he'd created for the label's anniversary with our iconic masthead, while Ezra applied his own distinctive twist to the images of artists we selected as really showing the range of the imprint. Hopefully these covers reinforce again - like the Sweet Harmony exhibition, Jeremy Deller's Everybody In The Place and so much more - just how closely the worlds of art, electronic music and club culture are intertwined in 2019.

This issue also rounds up the tracks, albums, stars and DJs of the year, and features club photography by Turner Prize-winning artist Wolfgang Tillmans.

Duncan Dick, Editor

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