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Here's what to expect in the September issue:

Rüfus Du Sol - The LA-based trio fast becoming one of the biggest electronic acts in the world

Photon - Inside Ben Klock’s epic audio-visual show

Pride in Tel Aviv - Welcome to the 36-hour maelstrom of Tel Aviv’s pride celebrations

Eris Drew - How a personal awakening combined with the Chicago DJ's stratospheric rise as a DJ

Bedouin - Nomads finding new territory from Ibiza to Burning Man

The Art of Club Design - We speak to three of the most innovative club designers to explore the art form in 2018

Bradley Zero - The Rhythm Section man chats style in Steeze

Elsewhere in the mag we meet Okzharp & Manthe Ribane, Satori and Ela Minus in new artists, The Secret DJ solves your DJ problems in his brand new column and we review everything from Primavera to AVA to Kala Festival. And as always all the brand new albums, tunes, clubs and garms reviewed.

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