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Our cover feature this month celebrates an artist and DJ who has perhaps done more than anyone to transform electronic music - again and again and again. Richie Hawtin helped create Beatport, revolutionising the way DJs buy music. He helped develop CDJs, Final Scratch, and his MODEL1 mixer, which changed the they play it. His work as Plastikman cemented techno's links with experimental electronica, his 2001 DE9 mix album established the minimal sound and a few years later he helped create a sensual, funky form of techno that still rules dancefloors from Playa Den Bossa to Berghain. Joe Muggs' story, and Willy Vanderperre's astonishing photos, capture his restless soul.

Elsewhere, we continue to spotlight the most exciting events and clubs from around the world, this month including Baltimore's small but enduring house scene, after dark in Kuala Lumpur, Fuse in Brussels and - closer to home - the rise of Toolroom as a tech house megabrand.

We also find out just what it's like to be a club dancer in Ibiza (with former dancer turned writer Tracy Kawalik talking to podium stars from clubs like Glitterbox and Cocoon), catch up with Cassy as she launches her new night at Pacha, talk to the collectives bringing silliness back to festivals and head to Stockholm to meet Studio Barnhus star Kornél Kovacs.

And in the DJ History section, writer Michaelangelo Matos recounts the story of Interstellar Outback, an event in Kentucky that marked the high water mark of the US Midwest's own Summer Of Love (and which a 16-year-old Marea Stamper, aka The Black Madonna, helped organise)

We think it's a pretty special issue - and you can get your copy delivered to your door now, wherever you are in the world, via newsstand.co.uk/mixmag


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