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Sega Bodega chats style and anti-fashion

Fashion tales with NUXXE co-founder Sega Bodega

  • Interview SEAN GRIFFITHS | Photography: ROB JONES
  • 30 November 2018

I got this jacket from a thrift store in Tokyo back in January. Everywhere I go, I try to get in a day of looking around thrift stores. This was the only thing I got in Tokyo as everything was really expensive, and this was the only cheap thing I could find.

It’s kind of funny that I’m being interviewed for a fashion feature. Most of my friends love fashion – it’s a big part of who they are – but I don’t think they see me as fashionable. My style is more anti-fashion.

Thrift stores in LA are incredible. They’re huge, and I guess a lot of it comes down to who’s bringing the clothes in. You get a lot of older Americans taking in really bizarre clothes.

I like wearing tailored, quite tight tracksuit bottoms a lot, but when the weather gets colder I’ll wear something baggier so I can wear thermals underneath.

London’s so expensive! Occasionally I’ll buy shoes from Brick Lane. I’ve seen some chunky Buffalo platforms there I’d like to get.

I have Versace sheets. I saw them on Tumblr a few years ago. Once I had enough money that it didn’t all just go on rent they were the first thing I wanted to get.

I love Keith Flint’s mid-90s look. I was into death metal as a kid so there was an overlap with those styles: flamboyant but quite dark. I was into how people like Ozzy Osbourne dressed, too.

My hair’s dyed blonde at the moment. There’s this kind of weird collective consciousness with things like that. I’ll think no-one else has done it and I’m being original but within a week all my friends will have done it too, without speaking to each other.

My T-shirt’s by Mimi Wade, a designer from London. I really like her stuff. It’s quite girly, but it’s nice to dip into that sometimes.

When I was a teenager in Glasgow I had long hair, black lipstick and would wear a fishnet shirt I got from a goth store.

I’ve got old Hi-Tec trainers on today. I don’t really like them, but I got them because they were cheap.

These trousers were $2 from a thrift store in LA. They’re a super baggy, like XXXL. I have to wear a belt to hold them up. I was going through airport security and they made me take my belt off and hold my hands above my head and they fell down. So embarrassing.

I have a GCDS fur coat that I love. Every time I wear it people call me Big Bird as I look like the character from Sesame Street. I’d done a daytime gig in London then went to Selfridges with my manager. I saw this jacket and he was like, ‘Well, you did just get paid...’

My friend got suspended from school for wearing a Cradle Of Filth tee with ‘Jesus Is A Cunt’ on the back. He passed it on to me but I never quite had the courage to wear it out.

’self*care’ by Sega Bodega is out now on NUXXE

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