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Louise Chen on fashion investments and DJing for the Beckhams

The NTS DJ is up next in Steeze

  • Interview: Sean Griffiths | Photos: Rob Jones
  • 4 April 2019

My jacket was designed by Christophe Lemaire for his Uniqlo winter collection. I feel like I’m walking around in a shell! I like how it’s long, so covers all my outfit.

I play a lot of fashion parties. I used to feel like a bit of an imposter in that world, but now I feel more a part of it as the same faces pop up all the time. I played the launch for Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Reebok in New York recently. Victoria’s head popped up by the booth and said: “Excuse me, could we have ‘Raspberry Beret’ please?”

I’ve got a bit of a shoe problem, but I’m lucky I get given a lot for free through friends or working with fashion brands. I love Converse, then when it comes to Nike I’m an Air Max girl. TNs, Air Max 97 or Air Max 1 are my favourites.

These boots are Louis Vuitton. They’re ankle boots which come up quite high and are really chunky and go with everything. They’re quite practical and I wear them in snow, ice and rain. They were £800, which is a lot of money to spend on shoes but I saw them as an investment. I‘d been eyeing them up for a long time and got them in the shop, so went through the whole luxury experience of being offered champagne while trying them on.

I remember hating what my mum dressed me up in. She’s very girly and dressed me in tights, dresses, nice bows and shoes that squished my feet.

This is a vintage Smashing Pumpkins T-shirt I got in New York recently. I've been collecting band T-shirts since 1997 and I've still got them all! The first one was No Doubt in 1997 and I still buy them at gigs. Buying merch has become such a good way to support artists. I went to see King Krule recently and bought the T-shirt at the end and queued with all the kids.

My bag’s a JW Anderson biker bag. He sent it to me for my birthday and I absolutely love it! The shape’s so convenient – it means I can fit my headphones in there and leave the house with everything I need for the day.

I’m wearing a hat from New York brand Noah. They’re friends of mine and one of the founders, Brendan, used to be a designer at Supreme. It’s kind of clothes for people who used to be skaters, and have maybe got too old for it, but still have that mindset and philosophy. I like putting stuff on my head.

The hoodie’s by my friends Eric Hu and Phil Chang. Eric works as one of the heads of design for Nike in Portland and Phil’s a consultant for brands. They have a really sharp eye for pop culture. They’re both Asian too, so turning the ‘Porn Hub’ logo into ‘Pork Bun’ is quite a specific Asian reference. What can I say, I love a pun! So many people don’t read it properly and just think I’m wearing a Porn Hub hoodie.

These trousers are from Uniqlo and I bought them today. I go twice a year and buy loads from the Uniqlo U collection, which dropped this morning. It’s a range designed by Christophe Lemaire, who used to be Creative Director at Hermés and Lacoste. I like them because they’re baggy and lightweight. Growing up in the late 90s, nothing was cooler than baggy Levis with Dr Martens.

Listen to the first episode of Louise Chen's brand new monthly NTS show here

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