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Peggy Gou's essential style commandments

Peggy's steeze is all you need

  • Interview: Lewis Munro | Photography: David East
  • 3 October 2017

When I first started my career, I wanted to look ‘serious’ so I just used to wear white T-shirts and denim: people can judge you for your fashion sense. But now I just think ‘fuck it, this is me’ and I enjoy expressing my style. I’d rather see a DJ who looks good rather than a guy just wearing all black.

The T-shirt I’m wearing is by a Korean brand called Studio Concrete – they’ve just released a new range called How Do You Feel 1 to 10? It’s 10 T-shirts in different colours all featuring really old artwork and designs. I’ve got them all but this is number nine. I really love to support local Korean designers.

I’m very experimental with clothes but I’ve got my own style. I don’t try to copy anybody. I know what I look good in and what suits me. That’s my own Peggy Gou style!

I usually wear Hawaiian shirts at festivals. I often pick them up when I’m in Bali.

I’m wearing dungarees today by Korean brand Fleamadonna, which my friend runs. I haven’t worn them for ages but found them on my clothes rail and thought, ‘Wow, I look quite cute in these. I need to wear them to a festival’.

I love sunglasses. These are by a Korean brand called Altier.

I do some modelling now and I’ve just done a campaign for Puma. The great thing is, because I’m not a professional model, they’re hiring me for my identity so they don’t try out big hair and loads of make-up on me!

I got my first tattoo when I was 17. I got my parents’ names so they wouldn’t tell me off! Once I got my third or fourth one they kicked me out. I was a rebel and they never really understood me, but now they know that tattoos are a part of me. I found an amazing guy from Germany called Toby Vetterrecently and he’s doing all my tattoos. I’ve just got a pineapple and an African logo as that’s where a lot of my inspiration comes from.

I don’t think I have a style icon but I go to a blog called Man Repeller for inspiration sometimes. Most of my inspiration comes from music and art, and not other people’s fashion sense.

I like people who know what looks good on them and aren’t just following a trend. It doesn’t matter if it’s H&M or Givenchy. If it looks good, it looks good.

In Berlin I shop at a place called Voo Store that stocks a lot of brands I love, like Acne, Our Legacy and a lot of Nike Lab stuff. I love shopping in London too.

I’m a sneaker person. I haven’t worn high heels in a long time. I really like shoes and whenever I dress up I think about the shoes first and decide the rest of the outfit from there.

This feature is from the October 2017 issue of Mixmag

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