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12 of the best football anthem remixes

Football's coming home again. These are the essential anthems you need to soundtrack the party

  • Mixmag Crew | Photo: Brent Flanders
  • 9 July 2021

Football has a proud history of anthemic bangers, from Three Lions to the terrace chants. And there's been plenty of crossover into the dance music realm over the years, with greats like Andrew Weatherall and Terry Farley putting an Italo take on New Order and donks being put on the Match of the Day theme. With the nation gripped by Euros Fever and (hopefully) the mother of all parties (touch wood) on the horizon this Sunday, we've compiled 12 of the best football anthem remixes to soundtrack the party.

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Dario G 'Carnaval De Paris' (Happa's Futbol Remix lol)

With all the emotion and flair of the Dario G original but with some added speed and slam, the Happa remix is an unrelenting, top-tier banger. Adding just that extra emphasis to the crescendo - slowing the track down to an almost halt in the low parts and building it straight back up, even quicker and more aggressive than before, encapsulates that unique brand of fever pitch we all feel during the knock-out stages. Added overlay of commentary of Michael Owen’s 2002 World Cup goal against Denmark is back of the net stuff.

DJ Fingerblast 'Scouting for Goals - Gareth Southgate Anthem'

Two football anthems in just one donk track? Go on. Bangface-regular DJ Fingerblast’s - ‘Scouting for Goals - Gareth Southgate Anthem’ is a masterclass in transition. What begins as a bounce rendition of ‘Southgate you’re the one’ blends into a makina-heavy, sped-up ‘Please don’t take me home.’ Football fan service at its finest.

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Shakira 'Waka Waka' (Sharam’s World Cup Mix)

Look, England may have been knocked out in the last 16 but the 2010 South Africa World Cup was an unquestionable vibe. It brought us the mainstream use of the vuvuzela, that Suarez hand-ball and Shakira’s official World Cup anthem ‘Waka Waka’.This tech-house remix by Sharam with just a hint of drums is Shakira approved, with the Colombian singer calling the remix: “one of those artistic collaborations that make perfect sense.”

New Order ‘World In Motion’ (Carabinieri mix)

Andrew Weatherall and Terry Farley join forces to remix the connoisseur’s choice of ultimate England anthem. The track was made for Italia 90, and there’s a classy Italo house touch brought to proceedings here through bright piano chords and an infectious bassline. If that’s turning you off in light of the impending Euros final opponents, don’t worry, the “We’re singing for England - INGURLAND” refrain still takes centre stage.

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Zombie Nation ‘Kernkraft 400’ (Sport Chant Stadium Remix)

Some of the best chants have no words - howling along out of tune to a melody in the midst of a heaving festival crowd or football terrace can be an unbeatable hit of euphoria. Zombie Nation channeled that vibe into this “Sports Chant Stadium Remix”, which adds a baying sports crowd chanting and clapping along to the legendary rave melody. Come onnn.

Ed Spinna ‘Match Of The Bae' (MOTD Theme Tune Remix)

Who knew that the Match Of The Day theme song would sound better as a donk tune? Ed Spinna quite literally put a donk on it with this ‘Match Of The Bae’ take, a breaks-infused remix sampling the signature football song. This 150BPM banger serves as a pumped-up party pleaser or a pre-game hypeman.

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The Lightning Seeds ‘Three Lions’ (Rob J Madin Remix)

Madin provides a triumphant, funky re-imagination of the stadium banger in this bass-heavy, synth-led revamp of The Lightning Seeds’ ‘Three Lions’. The iconic tune is stripped back to its vocals, overlaid by a one-man orchestra consisting of bass guitar, keys, synths, drums, and even a glockenspiel.

Collapsed Lung ‘Eat My Goal’ (Synchromesh 'Terror On The Terraces' Mix)

A definitive banger for those post-Euro celebrations, Synchromesh’s remix of the ’95 anthem ‘Eat My Goal’ offers a wobbly bassline suitable for any after-party playlist. Think low ceilings, sweatbox rooms, England flags around the neck, bass face galore. July 19 here we come.

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Lightning Seeds ‘Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)’ (TS7 Remix)

Lightning Seeds ‘Three Lions’ has carried England through their Euro 2020 campaign, and did the same at the World Cup in 2018, where they found themselves inches away from glory. TS7 turns the classic into bass-heavy dance tune, which’ll be heard at raves across the land should Sunday end well.

Gerry & The Pacemakers ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (Alex K Remix)

Alex K turns Liverpool’s rousing chant into a pacey little tune, turning the voices of the crowd into a chopped and pitched vocal sample - and cutting through the hectic beat with crowd recordings. Who would’ve thought the emotion of this song could be flipped on its head like this?

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GRANDAD ROBERTS AND HIS SON ELVIS 'Meat Pie, Sausage Roll' (Handbaggers 7” Dance Mix)

With the final looming, the ‘Meat Pie, Sausage Roll’ will make it’s way around Wembley urging England to score a goal or two. The Handbaggers have re-imagined this one, turning it into a tasty little tune to push us on till Sunday.

Atomic Kitten 'Southgate You're the One' (Football's Coming Home Again)

The chant that gripped the streets and terraces in 2018 has deservedly been giving the official remake treatment by Atomic Kitten. A genuinely emotional banger, given what Gareth Southgate and his great bunch of lads have achieved and stood for this tournament. Let’s hope it’s being belted out with lungs busting, arms around shoulders and tears of joy rolling down cheeks come the final whistle on Sunday.

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