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​Vince Staples: "I should win electronic album of the year"

The hip hop artist is as confident as ever

  • Harrison Williams
  • 20 November 2017

SoCal’s hip hop innovator Vince Staples is brimming with confidence as he’s recently expressed that his 2017 album ‘Big Fish Theory’ should not just be nominated for Best Rap Album, Best Electronic Album, Best Alternative Album and Album of the Year, but should win some titles as well.

Speaking with NPR, Staples shared his thoughts on award shows and discussed hip hop’s relationship with the Grammys, touching on why certain albums get nominated and others don’t. Furthermore, he doesn’t see why his album shouldn’t be nominated for multiple genre categories due to the diverse nature of his sound profile.

When searching through albums that will likely get nominated for this year’s Grammys, Staples makes it clear that his album is better than most:

“OK, so, of every one I'm reading, my album is better than everything I'm seeing right now. And I'm very honest with that. I appreciate people's works and I never want to put myself first, but my album is better than everything I'm reading right now. So I should win electronic album of the year based on my production, alone. But it can't be that because I'm rapping on it — which makes no sense because I'm better than everything right here.”

Although his album ‘Big Fish Theory’ sold well and received high praise from fans and critics, there's a good chance Staples will get snubbed from the awards shows this year as he's been largely overlooked by the Recording Academy in years past. Look for 2017 nominations to be rolling out soon.

Read more of Vince Staples’ interview with NPR here.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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