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Electronic pioneer Delia Derbyshire awarded a posthumous PhD

She's been recognized by Coventry University

  • Valerie Lee
  • 20 November 2017

Known and celebrated for her work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and as the co-composer of the famous Doctor Who theme song, the late Delia Derbyshire has received an honorary PhD from Coventry University.

Her hometown university also plans to launch a workshop series in her name with the aim to promote music and math interests in young students.

Derbyshire passed away in 2001, but remains a name etched into electronic history and continues to be celebrated in her hometown of Coventry, which named a street after her legacy in 2016. Besides her work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Doctor Who, she went on to represent England as a leading sound designer and composer throughout her career, working on compositions for both stage and film.

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