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UMFANG teases new track ‘Where Is She’ ahead of upcoming album

‘Symbolic Use Of Light’ is out June 16

  • Jasmine Kent-Smith | Photo credit: Tyler Jones
  • 2 June 2017

Discwoman co-founder UMFANG has released a new single, ‘Where Is She’, in anticipation of her forthcoming album ‘Symbolic Use Of Light’, out this month on Technicolour.

Having previously explored her analogue-based rhythmic experiments via the likes of 1080p, videogamemusic, Phinery and Allergy Season, the new track is a sublime, close-your-eyes-and-dance immersive listen.

The title is said to describe the animosity of a dancefloor experience, and the out-of-body glow saturating the single does exactly that.

‘Symbolic Use Of Light’ is set for a digital and a vinyl release on June 16 and June 30 respectively, both on Technicolour. Have a listen and get your pre-orders in here.

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Digital Intern. Follow her on Twitter

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