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The Cover Mix: Helena Hauff

Listen to the exclusive cover mix from Helena Hauff

  • Mixmag
  • 1 October 2015

Listen to Helena Hauff's cover mix, exclusively here.

Tracklist and mix below.

(Spoiler: It's “BANGIN’”)

1. Schizolectric ‘Scintillator Operator’ (Audiofugitives) “BANGIN’”

2. XN ‘B2B’ (Private Persons) “BANGIN’”

3. Alonzo ‘Doctor City’ (Kraftjerkz) “BANGIN’”

4. CYRK ‘Memorial’ (CYRK Music/ unreleased) “BANGIN’”

5. Blackmass Plastics ‘Trident’ (Uglyfunk) “BANGIN’”

6. Detroit’s Filthiest ‘Ultra Violent’ (Bass Agenda Recordings) “BANGIN’”

7. Jensen Interceptor ‘Bubble Boy’ (E-Beamz) “BANGIN’”

8. Locked Club ‘Baikal Boogie’ (Private Persons) “BANGIN’”

9. Sansibar ‘Nonstop’ (FTP) “BANGIN’”

10. Squaric ‘For Varden Pikre’ (Martyn Hare remix) (Diffuse Reality) “BANGIN’”

11. The Dexorcist ‘Nu Contact’ (SMB Records) “BANGIN’”

12. Galaxian ‘Life Force’ (Return To Disorder) “BANGIN’”

13. Somatic Responses ‘Missile Test’ (Cross Fade Enter Tainment / CFET) “BANGIN’”

14. A1 People ‘Nil And Zero Intellect’ (Hydrogen Dukebox) “BANGIN’”

15. Kronos Device ‘The Structure’ (Battle Trax) “BANGIN’”

16. Electronome ‘Bro’ (Interr-Ference Communications) “BANGIN’”

17. Helena Hauff ‘Barrow Boot Boys (Ninja Tune) “BANGIN’”

18. Uasmi Nasser ‘Title Unknown’ (self-released) “BANGIN’”

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