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testFRWD DIY rapid test kit has "specificity of more than 99%”

It works by using a mouthwash, meaning samples can be taken without the discomfort of nasal and throat swabs

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 1 March 2021
testFRWD DIY rapid test kit has "specificity of more than 99%”

testFRWD has created a state-of-the-art rapid testing kit that boasts PCR test results of 99.5% sensitivity and 99% specificity in detecting COVID-19 cases.

The Austria-based company, which says its goal is “to safely re-open the tourism & events industry during the pandemic”, has begun distributing the test kits to countries in Europe, including Germany, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

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It works by using a mouthwash which is held in the mouth for 60 seconds then spat out and tested, meaning samples can be taken without the pain or discomfort of the widely used nasal and throat swabs.

The tests are CE-certified and in compliance with EU and WHO guidelines and regulations, and aim to guarantee a “non-infectious time window of 72 hours” if test results give the all clear. It also claims to be the first PCR test kit that can be used easily at home without the need of a sterile environment or specially trained staff to administer it.

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The test is also paired with an app that used photo ID recognition to verify test results, meaning it can be used as a type of ‘health passport’ for gain access to events. testFRWD says data will be treated confidentially and only stored for a maximum of 14 days in order to issue the certification of being COVID-free.

Last month UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated that rapid testing may be key to allowing nightclubs to reopen safely.

To find out more about how this will work and what the obstacles are, read our full investigation here.

Watch a video on how the testFRWD kit works below and find out more via testfrwd.me.

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