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"Taste" your music with this song-inspired juice machine

This Japanese company has invented a new way to "experience" music

  • Valerie Lee
  • 10 July 2017

Technology and music go hand-in-hand, as proven by recent gimmicks like tattoo waveforms of real audio clips. But we doubt you've ever thought of this one before: custom fresh-squeezed juices, inspired by your favorite tunes.

Japanese company Nomura has invented an innovative new device called Squeeze Music, which analyzes waveforms of different tracks, categorizing them into "happy", "romantic", "sentimental" or "sad" genres, matching them with flavor characteristics like sweet, salty, astringent, sour and bitter to create an inspired juice drink.

Developer of Squeeze Music Akinori Goto says he sees a promising future for his invention in relation to the music scene. “At a music festival, for example, you can enjoy the experience to have a drink blended according to a song while listening to it at the gig. Moreover, we can mix alcohol so it could be served as cocktails in a bar if people want to try that out.”

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