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Swedish prosecutors want to hold A$AP Rocky in jail for longer

The rapper has been in jail since July 3 after an alleged assault

  • Billal Rahman
  • 19 July 2019
Swedish prosecutors want to hold A$AP Rocky in jail for longer

Prosecutors investigating A$AP Rocky’s alleged assault have requested he stays in jail for longer while they investigate the incident.

The rapper has been held since July 3 after being accused of assault on June 30 in Stockholm, Sweden. Two other males who were with the rapper at the time were also detained on suspicion of assault. The extension also applies to them. A$AP's bodyguard was arrested on suspicion of assault but was released earlier in July.

It's been two weeks since prosecutors requested an initial extension to keep A$AP in jail, and they now wish to keep him until July 25 when they can formally charge him. A$AP’s detention hearing is expected today (July 19).

Prosecutor Daniel Suneson said: "We have worked intensively with the investigation and need more time, until Thursday next week in order to complete the preliminary investigation."

Prosecutors claim that the rapper was involved in a fight in Stockholm where he had been performing at a festival. A$AP posted footage on Instagram explaining that two men were following him and his entourage. Another video showed a physical altercation between the two parties.

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