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Studio 54 co-founder slams Michael Kors for his new fashion line

According to Studio 54 co-founder, Ian Schrager, Michael Kors is exploiting the club

  • Devyn White
  • 9 October 2019
Studio 54 co-founder slams Michael Kors for his new fashion line

Michael Kors, American designer and long-time judge on Project Runway, released a new Fall 2019 collection influenced by Studio 54, but co-founder Ian Schrager says Kors never went to the notorious nightclub.

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Studio 54 was a former nightclub, more so a hedonistic paradise, in New York City in the 70s. Along with its infamous sex balcony, restrictive dress code, and open club drug use, Studio 54 had celebrity guest lists with the likes of Andy Warhol, Cher, Freddie Mercury, and David Bowie.

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Michael Kors' costly collection includes an oversized puffer coat and crushed silk blouse brandishing the Studio 54 logo, flared pants and a metallic trench coat. For Interview, André Leon Talley, legendary fashion designer and long-time editor for Vogue, spoke with Kors about his Studio 54 days. Kors explained his experiences in the club: "everyone was having sex in the balcony... a lot of people were so high on quaaludes that you would see them fall down the stairs and go directly onto the dance floor..."

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However, Ian Schrager went to Instagram to debunk this myth stating, "I don’t believe Michael Kors was ever at Studio 54. I certainly don’t remember him as he made no impression. This is nothing more than an obvious exploitation by a garment center person to sell some clothes that has nothing to do with Studio or what it was about."

Kors stood by his statement explaining that the club was an eclectic mix of people, and as a high school student at the time, he never met Schrager himself.

Myth or legend, we'll never know.

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