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Spotify Playlist: The Comedown

Need electronic music to sooth your mind, body and soul? Hand-picked for you every week.

  • Jaguar
  • 16 June 2017
Spotify Playlist: The Comedown

Had a big weekend and your head’s spinning? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Returning home after a heavy night on the sesh can be hard to deal with, and it’s difficult to accept that after a while, what goes up must come down.

Each week The Comedown playlist will be refreshed with new tunes to make the Sunday night blues go down a little bit easier.

Down-tempo, and ambient, The Comedown features 50 soothing tracks from the likes of Tom Misch, Syd, Childish Gambino, George Fitzgerald and Etta Bond. There’s also some classics from James Blake, Fatima Yamaha and Caribou in there too.

Now, sit back, light your scented candles, close your eyes, and remember, everything will be alright.

Jaguar is part of Mixmag's Digital Team. Follow her here

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