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Spotify playlist: Lo-fi house essentials

Music from the artists defining the genre

  • Mixmag Crew
  • 3 February 2017
Spotify playlist: Lo-fi house essentials

Having gathered abundant underground momentum, lo-fi house broke into dance music’s mainstream conscience last year in a blaze of 90s VHS videos and tape hiss.

Characterised by over-compressed drums and distorted soundscapes, fans have resonated with its DIY ethos, whether through distribution, art or sound. Others haven’t been so kind and the genre has built up a reputation as gimmicky.

There’s no denying there are some issues in the scene. This playlist consists entirely of male artists, after all. But it's also been some time since people latched on to a genre so passionately.

In this playlist you’ll find tracks from artists that have defined the lo-fi house sound, whether it’s Mall Grab’s early foray on 1080p, the no fucks given attitude of Steve Murphy’s ‘UK Treatment’ or Terreke’s blissed out ‘Bank 3’.

So in the words of DJ Seinfeld: “Your headphones are not broken and neither is the song. Just give it a shot.”

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