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Sennheiser unveils new audiophile headphones, HD 660 S

The follow-up to the beloved HD 650 is here

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 17 October 2017

Sennheiser has announced a new addition to its revered HD range, the HD 660 S.

Succesors to the HD 650, a favourite of studio engineers and producers, Sennheiser describes the new cans as “the ideal open, dynamic headphone for the passionate audiophile”, offering “crisp bass, excellent mid-frequency response, and a gentle, pleasantly natural treble”.

Among the features there’s a fresh transducer design, extremely light aluminium coils, and lowered impedance level, which aid improved movement control, high impulse fidelity, and greater versatility.

They’re priced at £429.99 and on sale now via the Sennheiser website. Check out some images in the gallery above.

Patrick Hinton is Mixmag's Digital Staff Writer, follow him on Twitter
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