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14 photos to satisfy all your music tech urges

The future is now!

  • Harrison Williams
  • 13 October 2017

Since the first electronic synthesizers were invented in the early 1900s, music technology has evolved at a rapid pace. Today’s industry is populated by an eclectic mix of instruments, gadgets and hardware, the design of which is undoubtedly fascinating.

With the design focus in mind, digital design expert Kim Bjørn has developed a new book titled PUSH TURN MOVE, which showcases everything there is to know about electronic music instruments. The project was originally launched via Kickstarter and has exponentially surpassed its target.

On what is so unique about the book, Bjørn said: “Initially, the book was born out of my own passion. But it has transformed into a multi-voiced project since it contains more than 25 interviews with innovative designers, artists and brands who conceive or use these great music making tools.

"Quite unique for PUSH TURN MOVE is that brands who might usually be considered competitors have joined the book side by side to share their knowledge about gear for making electronic music.”

Find more about the project here and view the collection of photos via the gallery above to satisfy your all your tech urges.

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