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Saoirse launches residency at Phonox throughout January

The Body Movements Festival co-founder hosted the first night of her residency last night

  • Niamh Ingram
  • 8 January 2022
Saoirse launches residency at Phonox throughout January

Saoirse has launched a residency at Brixton club Phonox.

Each Friday in January 2022, the DJ will curate and flex her musical talent at the club - beginning at 9:30pm and ending at 4am.

Ticket prices are between £5 and £20, with the first release having sold out already.

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It’s a bright start to the year for Saoirse, following on from a successful 2021. She ended the year with her debut at Phonox, which was since described by the venue as ‘one of the best club nights post-pandemic’.

"They [Phonox] have, for some unfathomable reason given me the whole club, all to myself, every Friday where I will be inviting friends, Peach and Andrew James Gustav to join me as well as performing All Night Long," she explains. "These will be my only shows in London until Summer 2022. I recently played at Phonox with Shanti and felt so comfortable in that booth, the lights, the sound, the intimacy with the crowd, the low ceilings, a proper nightclub that I am frothing to get my hands on."

Saoirse also co-founded and curated Body Movements festival, focused on celebrating queer bodies in electronic music across East London, which took place in early October.

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Scheduling -

January 7 - Saoirse (All Night Long)

January 14 - Saoirse & Peach

January 21 - Saoirse & Andrew James Gustav

January 28 - Saoirse (All Night Long)

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Niamh Ingram is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor, follow her on Twitter

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