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Prosecutors call for A$AP Rocky to serve six months in prison

Today was the final day of the rapper's assault trial in Sweden

  • Dave Turner
  • 2 August 2019
Prosecutors call for A$AP Rocky to serve six months in prison

The prosecution in A$AP Rocky's trial want the rapper to serve six months in prison.

Today (August 2) was the final day of the 'Fucking Problems' artist's assault trial in Sweden, where Rocky's bodyguard and the accuser both gave evidence. Earlier in the trial, Rocky had pleaded not guilty.

Larissa Kennelly of BBC, in court, tweeted the accuser's friend said he saw Rocky "throw" the man to the ground and that Rocky and his entourage didn't seem scared, as Rocky had previously told the court.

A$AP's bodyguard appeared as a second witness in the trial, claiming he knew something felt strange when the group were approached by the men.

The bodyguard also said that Rocky intervened because it was two against one at one point. He added that Rocky "caught and swung the guy".

Towards the end of the trial, the prosector, according to Alex Marshall of The New York Times, said: "You may have thoughts and opinions about the fact the [plaintiff] doesn't stop [bothering them], but "all three were attacking the plaintiff on the ground...They must take responsibility."

Journalist Maddy Savage was also in court and tweeted that the prosecutor said Rocky and his crew - five in total - used "excess" force against the two men. Therefore, the prosecution requested a conviction of six months in prison.

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