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Police issue warning for UPS pills in Greater Manchester

Two people were left critically ill and another in a coma after taking the pills

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 25 January 2019
Police issue warning for UPS pills in Greater Manchester

A warning has been put out about dangerous homemade UPS logo stamped ecstasy pills in circulation in the Greater Manchester area.

One young person fell into a coma in a hospital in Bury and two others became critically ill. The three boys, two aged 14 and one aged 15, are now out of hospital, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The stamp has previously been in circluation and linked to dangerously strong tablets.

This batch of pills are said to contain “an extremely high dose” of Alpha-PVP, a hallucinogenic stimulant linked to multiple deaths, delirium and anti-social behaviour.

The warning was put out by the Greater Manchester Drug Early Warning System, a web of police, health and prison staff founded to alert the public about dangerous batches of drugs in circulation. It states the dose is “eight times higher than what is normally considered a strong dose of Alpha-PVP”.

See the warning below.

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