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Warning: Extra strong 'ups' pills in circulation

Yellow pills stamped with UPS logo said to be three times stronger than the average pill

  • Ross Gardiner
  • 7 February 2015

A warning has been issued in regard to ecstasy pills pressed in the shape of the UPS logo, which are currently in circulation in the UK. The pills are said to be three times stronger than the average UK pill and users are advised to proceed with caution.

Drug safety non-profit The Loop has circulated the warning, saying that test results from a Swiss laboratory have found the UPS pills to contain up to 275mg of MDMA. As well as being the strongest currently available on the street, the organisation says the UPS pills are 10 times stronger than the average ecstasy tablet on sale five years ago.

A statement from The Loop reads : "[We] would urge you to be extra cautious if you choose to take pills matching this description. Start with as low a dose as possible and wait at least 1 hour before considering redosing. Take plenty of breaks from dancing; avoid mixing with alcohol or other drugs; and ensure you stay hydrated and drink water regularly (no more than 1 pint per hour, sipped)."

While it doesn't seem like the UPS pills are toxic, they are very, very strong and contain a seriously high dose of MDMA. If you are going to take them, look out for yourself and your friends. If in doubt, take a half or even a quarter.

A user's resource of pills currently in circulation can be found here.

[Photo: MDMA Team]

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