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Police shut down a 12-hour rave at a London primary school last weekend

An estimated 500 people were in attendance

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 11 May 2017

A disused building at Aylward Primary School in Stanmore, north-west London, was the site of a 12-hour illegal rave last weekend. Hundreds of revellers attended the event which ran from 5pm on Saturday May 6 through to 5:45am the following morning.

Perhaps the Aylward Primary School structure should be added to our list of abandoned buildings that would make mind-blowing clubs?

Police arrived just before 10:30pm, but didn’t enter the event to “prevent serious disorder and disruption on the streets”.

Speaking to the Standard, Nick Freye, who claims to have attended the party, said: “Nothing bad happened, the music was banging. About 500 to 600 people turned up - around that anyway, maybe more.

“It was not publicised at all, you just have to know people. You get told just before the event and head there.”

The disused building is scheduled to be demolished later this year as the school is moving to a new site. Head teacher Clive Westall told the Standard: “The firm working on the construction site said they are looking in to security measures after the incident.

“There was no damage to the new building, but it really is shameful that they decided to illegally enter school grounds. This sort of thing should not be happening.”

After police broke up the unlicensed event in the early hours of Sunday morning, a 17-year-old man was arrested for threatening to kill a police officer, a Met spokeswoman reported.

She revealed: “He was taken to a north London police station for questioning and he has been released under investigation pending further enquiries.”

The news follows a March incident in which a school DJ lesson escalated into a late-night rave in Nottinghamshire.

[Via: Standard]

Patrick Hinton is Mixmag's Digital Staff Writer, follow him on Twitter

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