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Robert Miles’ cause of death confirmed as stage four metastatic cancer

The legendary trance artist passed away yesterday

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 11 May 2017

An official statement has been released confirming Robert Miles, who passed away yesterday at the age of 47, died of stage four metastatic cancer.

The statement was read out on the trance producer’s OpenLab radio station.

A spokesperson said: "Robert was more than just an artist, he was a pioneer, a creator, an inspiration, a son, a father, our friend. Robert passed away peacefully last night after a courageous battle with stage four metastatic cancer over the last 9 months. Throughout it he was strong, determined, incredibly brave and did everything he could to fight this horrendous disease."

Speaking to Mixmag, Cream founder James Barton, who was the A&R for Robert Miles’ classic single ‘Children’ which topped the charts in 12 countries in the '90s, said: “What struck me about Robert is in a strange way he was just like the track ‘Children’. It was a dreamy, beautiful, melodic, easygoing record which really just captured everyone's imagination.

“It was no surprise when I finally got to meet Robert that actually he was such a beautiful, down-to-earth, easygoing guy, and very quietly spoken. There was never any drama with him, never any ego. He just loved making music and was a really beautiful guy.”

Read our obituary here.

[Via: Independent]

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