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Police set up roadblocks to stop weekend-long rave in Herefordshire

More than 100 cars attending the rave on Easter weekend

  • Image: Zing Pictures
  • 12 April 2021
Police set up roadblocks to stop weekend-long rave in Herefordshire

Police had to set up roadblocks to shut down a weekend-long rave in Herefordshire.

More than 100 cars attended the free party held on a site on Vaga Hill in the village of Dorstone.

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It's reported that police had to stop access to roads around the party, which took place on Easter weekend, but that ravers still found a way in via back roads and by being dropped off in taxis.

Local residents say they saw a "cavalcade" of cars making their way to the rave at one point as well as being able to hear "every beat of music" on the morning of Easter Sunday.

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By lunchtime on the day BBC reports that 150 ravers were dancing to one soundsystem.

Another local news report says that a dog disturbed nearby sheep and that a farmer threatened to shoot any dogs that chased his sheep.

Organisers of illegal raves face fines of up to £10,000, following government rules brought in during August to deter gatherings of more than 30 people.

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