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​Plug’em is a on a mission to prevent tinnitus

Be smart and Plug’em up.

  • Jaguar
  • 4 March 2017

Tinnitus affects around 10% of the UK’s population. It is a constant, self-contained ringing or hissing sound in the ears and head caused by exposure to live loud music.

Plug’em is a new campaign focusing on the prevention of tinnitus from live music events that comes from the British Tinnitus Association, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of the condition.

DJ and producer Mark Ronson suffers from tinnitus and is an ambassador for Plug’em. He said: “I’ve had tinnitus for over 10 years and it affects me 24/7. I wish I had been smart enough to Plug’em earlier. I make sure that I do it now though.”

The campaign aims to spread the word on the importance of wearing earplugs when noise levels are unsafe and about other measures that can be taken to avoid tinnitus at clubs, gigs and festivals.

Plug’em offers support about safe sound levels and exposure which you can get informed about on the official website.

You can also check out our post about ACS custom earplugs which are designed to protect your ears when at a gig or rave.

Jaguar is Mixmag's Weekend Editor

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