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Panasonic breathes new life into the Technics turnable

A prototype of a new direct-driven turntable was shown off at its annual IFA press conference

  • Charlie Case
  • 2 September 2015

Analog lovers rejoice! Panasonic has revealed in its annual IFA press conference that it will relaunch its iconic Technics turntable series.

A prototype of the new direct-driven turntable was shown off at the conference, which is built from stark aluminum and promises to be in keeping with the aesthetic of other Technics' products.

Technics' high-end turntables are held in high esteem by many, such as the SP10 and SL-1200, and these new analog turntables will attempt to reflect that.

Despite this, Panasonic boast that it will be completely rebuilt with new elements at every point of its design.

Whilst this announcement is unlikely to change the rising sales of low-end turntables, it should bring a smile to many an audiophile.

There is still no news on the price, although probably not cheap, or potential release date, but it has been stated that they will be available in the UK.

[Via: Wired]

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