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NYC party ReSolute is making significant moves to become more eco-friendly

A reminder that there’s always more we can do

  • Jemima Skala
  • 29 February 2020
NYC party ReSolute is making significant moves to become more eco-friendly

In 2020, we all need to be doing more within the dance music scene to ensure that we’re being as sustainable as possible.

Promoters are a big part of this. It’s tempting to think that, because you only put on one party every month, you’re not the problem. But collective action is necessary to change mindsets and practices surrounding how we put on events to make sure we’re all doing our bit for the environment.

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ReSolute, a New York-based transient party and booking agency, have decided to do just that. On February 20, they announced on their Instagram that they would be partnering with Cup Zero to provide reusable cups at their events.

Partygoers will pay a $1 deposit on their first drink to get the reusable cup, which can then be used throughout the night. When leaving, guests can leave the cup and collect their deposit back, or take it home to be used at the next event.

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Cup Zero will then collect the cups after each event to wash them. They’ll then be used at the next ReSolute event. See the full Instagram post below.

ReSolute has already taken steps to improve the sustainability of their events, using only 100% recyclable aluminium water bottles or paper box waters instead of plastic ones. On their website, they also encourage partygoers to use bikes to get to their events.

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The next ReSolute event will be on March 7 with Priku, Cesar Merveille and Herodot, with a live set from Jickael Mackson. RSVP to priku.resolute@gmail.com for the party location.

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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