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Nina Kraviz threw another epic cave rave

The Трип crew descended on Iceland for a second year running

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 15 August 2016

Nina Kraviz threw another killer-looking cave rave in Iceland last month.

It's the second time she and her Трип (Russian for "trip") label have thrown a party in the country, having kicked off the tradition last year.

These parties go back to the roots of rave, bussing dancers to a remote location so they can have it from dusk 'til dawn to the heaviest underground music. And once again it looks like an epic time was had by all.

Nikita Zabelin, Exos, Bjarki, Skeng, K-Hand and Nina Kraviz all played at a spot that's never been used for a party before. Check the photos above or the video below to catch a bit of the vibe.

The Трип crew have also sent us some words explaining the ethos behind their raves. They sound like a blast tbh.

"All the Трип crew are of a mind that it’s important to give people the space to enjoy music in an environment that allows for an open reception to and perspective of the music. For some reason, going to a bus to an unknown location, a mystery trip, allows this magic in all of us. It’s a signature concept of трип.

Each raver feels special and has a reason to go with us - after all, not everyone would sit on a bus for 3 hours and trust us to take them somewhere special. People are coming for the music and experience - the best reasons we think. The little details are important to us - keeping the ticket prices low and therefore inclusive, no line-ups, surprising our guests with free food and drinks, using locations that no one else has before us. Knowing that we have it all in hand, allows people to fully immerse in the experience and enjoy the music, without a care in the world, and this produces an electric unfathomable energy.

Iceland has been chosen as the location because трип is directly connected: Bjarki, Exos, Biogen are all Icelandic artists. Iceland is their home and they all have a very unique sound. Nina dreamt of going to Iceland since she was a child and when she went there in 2015 she fell in love with the country and felt really strong connection to it.

Last year we did a first party at the cave and it was fantastic. We decided to make it again but at a different totally unknown location where no-one ever did anything before. The line-up was really organic - and unannounced - Nikita Zabelin, Exos, Bjarki, another Icelandic artist Skeng, K-Hand and Nina. The party was very small 250 people maximum and this created this warm vibe where people can feel at home, cooking their own food, enjoying the nature and dance."

Seb Wheeler is Mixmag's Digital Editor. Follow him on Twitter

[Images: Timothée Lambrecq]

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