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Nils Frahm quits Facebook due to "political and moral costs"

The ambient producer put a lengthy statement on Facebook

  • Harry Lye
  • 22 February 2019
Nils Frahm quits Facebook due to "political and moral costs"

Nils Frahm has quit Facebook, saying social media platforms have become "unwanted companions" in his life.

Frahm said staying on social media wasn't worth the "political and moral costs", despite giving him a way to promote his music.

In a statement on Facebook Nils said: “The picture repeatedly drawn to me is one where I cannot afford to Facebook because of the access to fans it represents. It feels like I’m being held hostage by a force out of my control.”

Nils Frahm has three shows in Paris coming up this weekend, before embarking on a tour of the United States and Canada in March.

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