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26% of Brits would like nightclubs to stay closed permanently

Poll carried out The Economist also revealed 19% would want a permanent 10pm curfew, regardless of the pandemic

  • Megan Townsend
  • 9 July 2021
26% of Brits would like nightclubs to stay closed permanently

A staggering 26% of Brits would be happy with the permanent closing of all nightclubs, a new poll has revealed.

The poll carried out by Ipsos MORI on behalf of The Economist asked respondents a series of questions on lockdown easing and the potential continuation of some restrictions past July 19.

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One of the questions was whether or not respondents would support the permanent closure of "nightclubs and casinos."

46% said they would be happy for closures to continue "for a month after July 19," 42% supported it until "COVID was under control globally" and 26% said they would want clubs to stay shut "permanently, regardless of COVID-19."

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Another question asked the public if they would like to see a 10:PM curfew put in place similar to during the winter tier system - 29% had said "for a month after July 19," 27% agreed "until COVID is under control globally" and 19% "permanently, regardless of COVID-19."

There have been calls from industry leaders to approach the July 19 opening with caution as COVID numbers increase in England, with 27,847 new cases reported on July 8 and a 7-day average of 23,664.

[Via: The Economist]

Megan Townsend is Mixmag's Deputy Digital Editor, follow her on Twitter