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NFL players denied entry to London club for being “too urban”

Even the elite have a hard time getting through the cue

  • Harrison Williams
  • 28 February 2017

A group of four NFL players were told they were “too urban” to be allowed into the upscale club of Cirque Le Soir in London.

According to a tweet made by New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram, he and his teammates Vonn Bell, Sterling Moore, B. W. Webb and their friends, were turned away by Cirque Le Soir’s staff even though they had a reservation.

Ingram also shared a screenshot of his conversation with someone at the club who said they were “very sorry”, stating that the “6 big guys” were “too urban” to be let in.

Cirque Le Soir would later respond on Twitter with an official statement: "We would not dismiss anyone as 'too urban' and we would not turn anyone away based on the basis of their ethnicity, sexuality, or any other characteristic… We cannot guarantee entry to anyone and full discretion always lies with the door. We particularly discourage casual dress code, intoxicated customers, and male heavy entourages."

Following the incident at Cirque Le Soir, Ingram continued on his vacation in England, experiencing the historic Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide match.

View Ingram’s tweets below.

[via: Thump]