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New Drug "Flakka" Has Users Running Around Naked In Florida

New designer drug is sweeping the streets of Florida

  • Ross Gardiner
  • 7 April 2015

A couple of years ago we all watched keenly as the abject horrors of 'bath salts' (aka mephedrone) swept through America, transforming well-to-do citizens into murderous, street-masturbating zombies. The media lapped it up, and suddenly America had a new evil drug to irrationally fear and misunderstand.

Well, as everyone slowly starts to realises that the molly they've been eating habitually for the last few years is actually the dreaded 'bath salts', the media needs a new "crazy" drug to scare people with.

Enter "Flakka".

Initial reports surfaced a while back about this new drug that had hit the streets and was being billed as 'the new bath salts'. An amphetamine by design (alpha-PVP is thought to be the active chemical) this stuff can be smoked, snorted or injected and goes by the street name Gravel, and it's already been linked to some seriously bold behavioural outbursts.

This week a man in Florida got his kit off and ran around the streets after smoking a bit of Flakka, claiming that he was running from murderers that stole his clothes, and in February a man that was allegedly high on the drug tried to kick the Fort Lauderdale police headquarters door in.

The drug is said to give users a meth-like feeling of strength and bring about a state of "excited delirium", all for about $5 go. It's reported use is said to have jumped 780% in the last three years, and the drug is thought to be gaining widespread use in Florida, Texas and Ohio.

Could this be another blown-out-of-proportion bath salts scaremonger story, or could some tweaked-out harlequin shed chemist have created the substance that will transform us all into flesh munching rave turnips? Either way kids, stay safe and know what you're taking.

Check out the video below of the gentleman running around in the buff following his flakka indulgence.

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