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The Netherlands forced to reintroduce restrictions to nightlife and festivals

Just two weeks after lifting them

  • Tope Olufemi
  • 13 July 2021
The Netherlands forced to reintroduce restrictions to nightlife and festivals

The Netherlands has tightened its nightlife and mass-gathering restrictions just two weeks after they were lifted.

The dramatic U-turn comes after COVID infections have soared in the country - going from just under 1000 cases a day last weekend to reporting over 9000 new cases on July 11.

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte commented on the decision: “Our aim is to protect those with vulnerable health conditions and the health service, as well as to cause as little damage as possible to the economy and society, It is not a question of blaming a particular age group or sector.”

While many rules are changing in the Netherlands as a result of the pandemic, masks will not be made compulsory apart from on public transport.

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Nightclubs will shut, and social distancing measures will be reintroduced within the hospitality sector. The Prime minister is also calling on those who have not been vaccinated to get their vaccination as soon as possible.

The government revealed these rules will be in place until at the very earliest August 13.

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A group of over 30 event organisations, organised by ID&T have gotten together to begin proceedings against the Dutch government - urging them to reconsider restrictions and work to "Fieldlab conditions."

"These conditions for organizing a safe event, without social distancing, have been drawn up on the basis of the carefully conducted research and extensive experiments that Fieldlab Events carried out earlier this year, and have also been endorsed by the Dutch government," they said in a statement.

Ritty van Straalen, CEO of ID&T: "The fact that so many parties in the market are joining us reflects perfectly what the impact is on the entire public events industry."

Tope Olufemi is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow them on Twitter

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