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​NERO's Joseph Ray drops new EP on Anjunadeep

A cavernous two-track solo debut exploring his club origins

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 20 August 2019
​NERO's Joseph Ray drops new EP on Anjunadeep

Between his frequent trips to Haiti working with the band Lakou Mizik, Joseph Ray of NERO has found a new, exhilarating and cavernous club sound of his own that burns bright with his new two-track EP on Anjunadeep, 'Room 1.5 / Chem-EX'.

It's his first proper release since debuting his solo project back in 2017 with the dark and hypnotic single 'Inside'.

"I've been working on solo material for a while now, and it felt like the right time to put something out," Ray told Mixmag. "I'm definitely re-energized and excited by club music at the moment, and these two tracks are an indication of the direction my solo work has been going in over the last couple of years."

The lead track 'Room 1.5' - which was handed over to Mixmag last week for a premiere - is an edgy banger that is an homage to Ray's early days listening to jungle while 'Chem-Ex' prophet synth jam turned "extended sci-fi journey" with descending bass pattern and multiple-layered arp.

Listen to Mixmag's premiere of 'Room 1.5' below.

Check out the full EP here.

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