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Mount Kimbie are dropping a DJ-Kicks album mix

It’s coming on September 28 and features their new track, 'Southgate'

  • Max Penny-Barrow
  • 9 August 2018
Mount Kimbie are dropping a DJ-Kicks album mix

Mount Kimbie are next in line for a DJ-Kicks mix, with their edition being released on September 28.

The 23-track mix, out on !K7 Records, is complete with the duo's new track 'Southgate', a glimpse into what's to come from the Warp Records act.

The album is inspired heavily by recent performances the duo have done with Ninja Tune’s Actress, with Kai describing that the experience was “interesting and challenging” and that they “learnt a lot on the six dates we did”.

The mix features tracks from Terrence Dixon, Severed Heads, Marco Bernadi, Nina Kraviz and Stanislav Tolkachev.

You can find out more about where to see Mount Kimbie here.

Grab the mix here and listen to 'Southgate' below.

01. Madalyn Merkey - Meridian
02. Via App - Baby K Interaction
03. Severed Heads - Always Randy
04. De Leon - B1
05. Efdemin - America (Terrence Dixon MInimal Detroit Mix)
06. System Olympia - Night Rise
07. Oliver Coates - Timelapse (Walrus)
08. N.Y House'n Authroity - APT. 2B
09. Computer Says No - Grab And Reform
10. D'Marc Cantu - The Will and the End
11. Object Blue - Even In You
12. Severed Heads - Lamborghini (Petrol 1982)
13. The Abstract Eye - Nobody Else Part 2
14. Marco Bernardi - The Light Beside the Hall
15. Via App - Chatter
16. Mount Kimbie - Southgate (DJ-Kicks)
17. Stanislav Tolkachev - Blue Mood
18. Watching Airplanes - Saboter La Machine
19. Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon - IX
20. Aleksi Perälä - UK74R1512110
21. Mount Kimbie - Blue Train Lines (Nina Kravitz Remix)
22. A Sagittariun - Contortian
23. Taz & Meeks - Obviously

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