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Little Boots releases her latest EP ‘Jump’ with On Repeat Records

The record also brings a remix competition for her track featuring Kiddy Smile

  • Ryan Baesemann
  • 2 August 2019
Little Boots releases her latest EP ‘Jump’ with On Repeat Records

Little Boots, the Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer and long-standing staple of U.K. dance music, has just launched ‘Jump’, her latest EP with On Repeat Records.

Considering her approach to this fresh release, Little Boots is feeling invigorated by the process. “Sonically, the feel of this EP is closer to the dance floor than ever, as I am DJing constantly. I wanted to bring some warmth and sunshine to the music… inspired by balearic beats and bass grooves that take me back to summer nights in Ibiza or London.”

The EP title track ‘Jump’, produced by the emergent Cyril Hahn, is a playful ode to the tender hearts, fostering a deeper, slower grind on the dance floor. Little Boots’ vocals bring a rush of sweet sentiments throughout the track, enlivening the listener to quite literally “jump” into the arms of their lover(s).

‘Lesson’ has already been burning down the club, after receiving a single release in July. Kiddy Smile is featured on the track, bringing a sultry mood to this absolute booty mover. This four-track release also features two previously unheard anthems, ‘Secret’ and ‘Lesson’, both of which demonstrate the progressively-retro vibe Little Boots brings to the airwaves.

In addition to putting out ‘Jump’ earlier today, Little Boots has also opened a remix competition for her track ‘Lesson’. Visit the competition website here to download the stems and upload a completed remix for a chance to win a commercial release, as well as the latest Native Instruments pro software.

Thinking deeper into her experience producing ‘Jump’, Little Boots went on to say this new EP is “about a jumping off point, about rediscovering your inner strength and identity and reaching a place where you are ready to take risks again, about throwing caution to the wind and challenging yourself. It reflects my own personal journey since moving to LA two years ago, coming through difficult times and realizing that sometimes choosing yourself is the most powerful decision, and that you are the architect of your own happiness.”

Ryan Baesemann is an Editorial Contributor to Mixmag. Follow him on Twitter.

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