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​Kilo Kish explores digital art and creativity through a futuristic lens

Mixmag and AKG uncover what inspires Kilo Kish's futuristic focus

  • In association with AKG
  • 18 December 2018

With an emphasis on seclusion, artistic solidarity and refined audio gear from AKG, Mixmag and Samsung teamed up to bring a handful of musicians to the remote forests of Woodstock, New York and the open desert of Joshua Tree, California for two wholly unique electronic music retreats. Immersed in these thought-provoking environments, we created an engaging original mini-documentary on each participating artist to give viewers a novel perspective on their profile and creative process.

Joining us on our Joshua Tree retreat was the singer and visual artist, Kilo Kish. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, she moved to New York City after receiving a scholarship to attend the private art college, Pratt Institute. With her finger on the pulse of the Big Apple’s diverse music scene, Kilo Kish released her debut EP 'Homeschool' in 2012 and has since come out with an assortment of critically acclaimed albums. For her most recent EP, 'mothe', she explains the concept behind the release is that her current transition phase feels more like a moth or "a bug that comes out of nowhere" rather than "a beautiful butterfly." Armed with a hunger for knowledge which informs her creative output, Kilo Kish asks the question: "What's next? What are the implications of having a purely digital artist? Will we ever get to the point where AI learning will have these digital people and if they can have creativity?"

Learn more about Kilo Kish's story via the documentary below.

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