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Kerri Chandler drops remix of Gabriels ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’

Chandler on newcomers Gabriels: “I wanted to know who was behind this beautiful song”

  • Gemma Ross | Photo: Joe Finch
  • 23 July 2021
Kerri Chandler drops remix of Gabriels ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’

Kerri Chandler has released a remix of Gabriels' new track, ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’.

The New Jersey-born DJ dropped a deep house take on the track from newcomers Gabriels, who released their debut EP back in December.

Since then, Gabriels have played to a trajectory of admiration from fans. The trio’s heartfelt ballads and powerful hymn’s line the new four-track EP.

Talking on their debut, Gabriels explained, “‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’ is about how we appear to be losing the ability to peacefully be together in a space and express ourselves. Together.”

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The video accompanying the original track compiles Pathé footage of dancers from decades gone by, which Gabriels spoke on: "The actual definition of the dancefloor is something that has always fascinated us. It’s a space we express ourselves ultimately.”

Now, Kerri Chandler has remixed one of the tracks from the EP of the same name, which details experiences of overcoming hatred and finding unity through hardship.

“The moment I heard and saw the video for the Gabriels it gave me chills, Jacob’s voice and the production immediately stood out to me. I wanted to know who was behind this beautiful song,” Chandler said.

“The more I spoke with Ryan, Ari and Jacob, the more we became family, it felt like I have known them for years. Gabriels are incredibly talented and I’m very happy to have met such an inspirational band.”

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Chandler’s remix of the soulful track takes a completely different route, fusing the ballad with a deep house production.

Listen to the track below, and click here to check out Gabriels full EP.

Gemma Ross is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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