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Kanye West is launching an IKEA range

Yeezy Season IKE4 approaches

  • Words: Rob Lematic | Images: Katja Pettersson
  • 1 April 2016

Last month, Kanye West tweeted about feeling inspired following a trip to IKEA.

Ye had visited the flat-pack famous company's office in Sweden as well as a couple of its flagship stores.

Apparently, this left his mind "racing with possibilities", which really came as no surprise. Anyone who's visited IKEA will know that it's a place of infinite possibility, especially for creatives like Yeezus.

It didn't take him long to make good on those possibilities as it's now been revealed that the rapper is collaborating with IKEA on a range of furniture.

The line is called Yeezy Season IKE4 and follows on from Kanye's previous fashion ranges, Yeezy Seasons 1, 2 and 3.

The IKE4 lookbook has just dropped, with products arriving in select stores across Europe in early 2017. There's even word of a concept store in London, Paris or Milan. See the latest images from the lookbook above.

Details of the collab leaked after West attempted a secret meeting with senior staff at IKEA's design division in Almhult, south Sweden. But his visit was made public after fans posted photos across social media, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Ye's since gone public. Speaking about the enterprise, West said: “I’ve proven I’m the greatest musician of all time. I’ve proven I’m the greatest fashion designer of all time. Now it’s time to prove I’m the greatest furniture designer of all time.”

London-based designer Katie Eary is involved in the project. She was first hired by West as the creative lead on his debut catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week 2011 and also launched an IKEA collection back in 2015.

Talking about Kanye's move into furniture, Eary said: "He came across a selection of famous Le Corbusier designs on Pintrest and that was it, he was hooked. For him, it's just another extension of his creativity. And, obviously, no rapper has ever designed an avant garde laundry basket before."

Details of pricing set to be announced in the coming weeks, with product names an extension of the collab. A source close to the project says that the Yeezog, Ströönga and Guldugger are close to being signed off.

The designs look relatively simple, but as this is the man who can get away with selling out a stock of plain white T-shirts for $120 a pop we’re expecting these to fly off the shelves no matter what the cost is.

[Photos: Katja Pettersson]

Rob Lematic is Mixmag's Nordic correspondent

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