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Introducing the Crep Protect Mark-On Pen

A precision-point pen designed to restore and customise tired midsoles

  • Tayler Willson
  • 14 August 2019
Introducing the Crep Protect Mark-On Pen

Crep Protect's Mark-On Pen is a 4mm bullet tip pen, designed to bring the tired midsoles of your trainers back to life, or customise them yourself.

Known globally for their Crep Protect Spray and other trainer cleaning items, Crep's unique 4mm tip Mark-On Pen allows you to accurately touch up your worn-out trainers, to make them stand out like they once did.

Putting the product to the test, the guys at Crep Protect went about customising the Off-White MCA and you can see the difference in their video below.

Dubbed the ultimate mid-sole custom pen, you can now buy the Mark-On Pen for just £11.99 from their website alongside their other trainer care products.

Tayler Willson is Mixmag's Digital Fashion Editor, follow him on Twitter

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