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Introducing GYAL TIME, a celebration of women dancehall dancers

A video highlighting the strength, confidence and power of female Dancehall dancers

  • Tayler Willson
  • 13 March 2020
Introducing GYAL TIME, a celebration of women dancehall dancers

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, Knots & Vibes have unveiled GYAL TIME, a campaign created to highlight the strength, confidence and power of women dancehall dancers.

In defiance of the common view that Jamaican Dancehall demeans and objectifies women, Knots & Vibes begin to dismantle the prejudices around the culture, exploring how female artists and dancers continuously push back against the system.

GYAL TIME emphasizes the athleticism and skill of female Dancehall dancers; refusing to be passive objects, they embrace and command their sexuality, liberated yet firmly in control of their bodies. Historically, women have been told how to behave and how to cater to men’s sexual desires, all while ignoring their own.

Jamaica’s Dancehall culture creates a space for women to feel empowered by expressing their sexuality, free of judgement. Echo’d by Spice in her song lyrics, ‘So Mi Like It’ encourages women to take control of their sexual encounters and to satisfy their own sexual needs.

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Further explored via #FeminismInDancehall, Knots & Vibes invite those who are opposed to the genre to see things from a different perspective, bringing attention to the ways in which female artists and dancers refuse to be oppressed and assert their dominance as they navigate the male-dominated space.

Collaborating with Shabba Party and VP Records, Knots & Vibes will be celebrating International Women’s Day on March 13th at POW Brixton. Tickets are available from Eventbrite.

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