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The International Music Summit reveals key themes and topics for 2019

Mental health, gender parity and diversity will be covered

  • Joel Griffiths
  • 11 March 2019
The International Music Summit reveals key themes and topics for 2019

The topics and themes for International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza have been announced.

Special emphasis will be put on the effects of mental health, in light of the deaths of Avicii and Keith Flint.

Other topics to be discussed from May 22 to 24 include technology, advances in business thinking, gender parity, diversity and inclusion and social conscience to bring about positive change and progress.

Mixmag will also head-up: An Algorithm, a person or a brand. Who do you trust most? This will examine the role of data and automated reasoning in new music recommendations.

IMS co-founder Ben Turner states: “IMS strives to make change in the industry by its content and curation. The Keith Flint news has shaken our industry, almost a year on from the Avicii news. We hope this year to bring together all of the companies focusing on mental health including the Association for Electronic Music, to help find a way forward that can actually make a difference.”

For ticket information, click here.

Joel Griffiths is a freelance writer, follow him here.

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