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​Hundreds rave in the streets for Keith Flint's funeral procession​

A farewell the Prodigy frontman would be proud of

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 29 March 2019
​Hundreds rave in the streets for Keith Flint's funeral procession​

Hundreds people from all over the world and different walks of life took the day off of work today to travel to Braintree, Essex, and attend the funeral of The Prodigy's late frontman, Keith Flint.

Keith was found dead at his home in Dunmow, Essex, on the morning of March 4 from an apparent suicide. He was 49 years old.

Last week, The Prodigy invited their fans to pay their respects Flint by lining his funeral procession route ahead of a private service celebrating his life that took place today on March 29. Flint's bandmates took to Twitter to describe the procession route, inviting fans to pay their final respects and "raise the roof" for Flint.

Legions of fans packed the standing room only train to Braintree - cracking open cans of lagers with mohawks standing tall and sporting a range of Prodigy clothing and merchandise from over the years.

As Keith's casket was escorted down the streets of his hometown, the mood swung from wild raving to moments of respectful and somber silence - celebrating and honoring the original firestarter and all the high-octane energy he provided us with. Packed with motorbikes, memorabilia, soundsystems and ravers taking over the streets, it was a farewell Keith would be proud of.

Mixmag was on site to pay homage to Flint's life with the rest of his dedicated fans. Check out our live blog of the funeral here.

Cameron is Mixmag's Jr. Editor. Follow him on Twitter

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