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Help Musicians UK launches the Music Minds Matter campaign for music professionals

A focus on mental health especially for artists

  • Valerie Lee
  • 28 July 2017
Help Musicians UK launches the Music Minds Matter campaign for music professionals

More than ever before, awareness about the mental health of artists is at the forefront of conversation around the music industry. Dozens of artists on the electronic front like Ben Pearce, Sasha and Benga have stepped up as advocates, sharing their own experiences.

Now, in partnership with the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM), Help Musicians UK has launched a timely campaign called Music Minds Matter with support from legends of the scene like Nile Rodgers, Nicole Moudaber and B. Traits.

The campaign will fund a 24 hours mental health helpline and other services which will offer clinical, therapeutic and medical support and advice. It will launch towards the end of the year. Those seeking to donate to the program can find more information here.

"From Mozart to Van Gogh, from Thelonious Monk to Kurt Cobain and from Michael Jackson to Chester Bennington and my dear friend Chris Cornell, great artists have always had to deal with not only their own high expectations of themselves - but that of the public and the industry," Nile Rodgers states in a press release. "The pressure manifests itself as everything from substance abuse to suicide and its dangers are even greater in today's social media driven world. I'm committed to helping everyone I possibly can from the experience I've gained through my own trials and tribulations, and I wholly support the initiatives of Help Musicians UK and AFEM."

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