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Grandmaster Flash has lost three crates of priceless vinyl

And the response from the fans is a bit of a mixed bag...

  • Kristian Birch-Hurst
  • 29 July 2015

Grandmaster Flash seems to be having a bit of a nightmare this week: following earlier reports of the hip hop star's 'car park mix up' - where a valet had seemingly handed over the keys of the car to a man who "looked similar"- it now appears that the stolen ride in question was also harbouring three crates of priceless vinyl spanning over 40 years of collecting, the BBC reports.

In a bid to solve the Flash-look-a-like crisis and save his precious vinyl, the turntable maestro has been turning not only to the authorities, but to his fans as well.

And we must admit, the response has been mixed at best.

Trawling through his Instagram, you'll find his pleas for help, although some commentators are convinced it may be a hoax, with another suggesting he needs to change his attitude towards his "used-to-be fans". Ouch.

However, at least one adoring follower has offered to donate her husband's entire record collection to the cause, on the terms that Flash comes to grab them in person.

So... not all bad then. Though we doubt his stash is anything as impressive as the Flash's.

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