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Steve Aoki explains why he remixed the Titanic theme

Aoki explains his decision to remix 'My Heart Will Go On'

  • Sean Griffiths
  • 29 July 2015

Steve Aoki has explained why he chose to drop that remix of Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' at Tomorrowland at the weekend.

Aoki got a huge crowd to spread their arms and sing along to the chorus of the soaring pop banger, also very well known as the Titanic theme tune, during a peak-time slot at the Belgian festival.

Speaking to Mixmag at London's Hard Rock Cafe, where he was donating memorabilia, Aoki said: "I've wanted to work with that track and vocal for a very long time but I've always been 'no no no' I can't do it.

"It's incredibly cheesy but incredibly epic at the same time, so if you can harness both of those things, it's going to work."

And, judging from the crowd's reaction (see the video clip below), he was correct, despite the potential for his selection putting him in a real sink or swim situation.

Expanding on the headline-making scenario, Aoki said: "We all had to completely own it at that moment and just put our arms out and do the Titanic together and let the music take [us].

"Everyone was singing along and laughing at themselves at the same time. It was an incredible feeling. I just stood there with my arms out and revelled in the vulnerability of it."

Playing the definitive track from James Cameron's 1997 water-based epic was definitely a heady risk for the EDM star, who's known the world over for his comedic stunts.

"I'm a huge target to loads of people but I just don't give a fuck anymore. I'm having fun and I'm just going to keep on having fun. I don't care if I ruffle a few feathers," he added.

And that might not be the last we've heard of Steve's take on the vocal classic, which the Dim Mak boss claims to include one of the 'sickest drops' he's ever written, as he revealed plans to release the track as a single at some point in the future.

Aoki spoke to us in London, where he was promoting his latest album 'Neon Future II'. He hosted an album playback on a speedboat and faithfully recreated the famous Kate 'n Leo scene. Luckily icebergs were at a minimum on the Thames.

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